Our Story

Kwanga.ca, a brand owned and operated by BSE Import-Export, creates Cassava based bread that people eat with meat and vegetable platters. Cassava is consumed across African and Hispanic countries and is known as Kwanga, Chikwangue and Yucca. Our kwanga's are a traditional delicacy that's created in Canada with 100% Cassava and is appreciated by many.

It all started back then when our founder Rachel was a young girl. She was inspired by her mother, who spent much time together cooking Chikwangue; it encouraged her to pursue the tradition. The Chikwangue memories followed her to Canada from Congo. As a passionate Christian, she received a revelation that she will receive her blessing through the production of Cassava. At first, she doubted the idea considering it was a cultural food eaten back home with no popularity in North America. However, she quickly reached out to a few grocery stores, readjusted the production to reflect North American standards and began her 15+ year journey.

Kwanga is a dough that is produced through the fermentation of Cassava roots to remove acidic components. It is best eaten with vegetables, meat, fish platters, even ketchup. It can easily replace your potatoes or rice dietary supplements. So you can look at it as a fat, gluten, nut, cholesterol-free alternative. It is 100% natural, delicious, has a lightly boiled cassava aroma and is loved by many customers for its great taste but also because of its health benefits.

Our Kwanga's are professionally analyzed in a food lab to determine the nutritional value to ensure that we offer you the highest quality and freshes products.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency regularly inspects all Kwanga.ca products.

Our Kwanga's are fresh and is locally produced in Ottawa, Canada. Unlike competitors, we do not import our Kwanga's from abroad, avoiding many side effects such as constipation and stomach pains caused by fermenting Cassava in river water. In addition, we produce our Kwanga's using the safest procedures using North American food standards and ensure that all roots are washed and cleaned in freshwater. Hence, removing the long travel times by boat and containers allowing us to deliver the freshest products to our customers.

We are known as being #1 in the industry. It is because our Kwanga's stand out and are made to order. So whether you eat them hot or warm, they will satisfy you, your family and all your guests.

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